The One Thing: Why Simpler is Better When it Comes to Your Marketing

Will MeltonUncategorized

Checklists, endless unread messages, a calendar full of appointments – it’s the life of a business owner and many other people working to promote the companies they work for. If this resonates with you, you’ve probably had weeks or months and maybe even years go by when you thought to yourself, what the hell did I even do over the … Read More

5 Ways Millennials Work Better Than You

Drew FaithfulBusiness Development, Creative Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Networking, On the Job, Uncategorized

When the traditional adult thinks of a typical millennial, they might use some unflattering words. Admit it, you’ve thought it before. Using words like “lazy” or “high maintenance” to describe their way of thinking. Our way of life was founded on the idea that working hard and not asking questions are the keys to being “successful.” If you are one … Read More

4 SEO Tips for Beginners

Scott GeorgeUncategorized

Conduct Research This is the biggest tip that I can give. Conduct research on your industry and what exactly are the most popular keywords for your product or service. I recommend using Google Keyword Planner (Must have a Google account to access) to conduct your research. There are many other websites that can help but Google Keyword Planner is the best for finding … Read More

Status Update on Your Facebook Business Page: Nonexistent, Present, or Alive?

Courtney BuzzellSocial Media

Every business must evaluate, refresh, and develop  plans for improvement. When was the last time you did this for your Facebook business page? Having a page that simply exists for the sake of saying that you “Do social media” is not going to benefit your business. Here is a five-step plan to help you effectively utilize your Facebook business page. Establish … Read More

Your Video’s Got Me Skippin’… (To the Next Video)

Drew FaithfulVideo Marketing

What was that? Sorry, I didn’t hear you because I skipped your video 10 seconds into watching it. I didn’t get to hear your message; you didn’t get to show me the value in what you do, and I’ll probably never watch it if I saw it again. Oh me? I’m nobody important. I’m just the “Average American Consumer,” that’s … Read More

Google’s Secret Crush

Scott GeorgeLocal Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Since its release in July 2014, Google’s algorithm update “Pigeon”, has shown more relevant and accurate search results for local businesses. The update reflected changes in both Google local and Google organic web searches. Rankings will still be factored by a brand’s history, authority and relevant content, it will now also factor in location and proximity of the search. Gone are the … Read More