Marketing Consultant Williamsburg, Marketing Consultant

Courtney Buzzell is a partner and marketing consultant at Proximo Marketing Strategies. She began her marketing career in 2004 as the assistant manager of a high end building supply company in Northern Virginia. While a part of this team, she worked alongside the owners to develop and implement a marketing strategy and improved customer service ratings significantly. In January 2009, Courtney began working with a successful local dental practice where she underwent extensive training in the dental marketing field and established herself as a notable networker within the community.

Currently, Courtney is a marketing consultant at Proximo Marketing Strategies and her main area of focus is on business in-house marketing strategies and communications as well as developing cooperative marketing efforts and quality customer service. Her passion is facilitating noteworthy relationships between local businesses in order to explore the idea of cross-promotions and working with these companies to nurture win-win relationships. Courtney is also responsible for handling social media management for our clients overseeing much of their outbound communications on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.