Our goal is to help businesses around the nation execute focused marketing strategies, to obtain their target client at exactly the right moment. Don’t hire just any marketing services company; let us guide you.

What we do

Proximo Marketing Strategies is a marketing services company that takes a multifaceted approach to your business goals–we create smarter marketing plans that cost less and deliver greater results. We focus on methods that have a proven track record in achieving a high return on investment. But we don’t just help clients purchase ads online–we identify goals, create realistic marketing plans, and help execute them. Proximo can also help you create a website and build smart engagement campaigns using the technologies that embody the future of marketing. We’re with you every step of the way.

Lead Generation

Our experience in the Digital Marketing realm has given us the tools to deliver high quality, targeted leads specific to your business’s needs. Read more…

Website Design

What do you want your website to do for you? That’s the first question our experts will ask you when discussing a new website design or website redesign. Read more…


SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which a business moves their website to the top of search engine results when searches related to their business are performed. Read more…

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing your business on search engines isn’t a new concept, but many businesses simply aren’t aware of the power and efficiency behind this type of advertising. Read more…

Social Media Strategy

Don’t think you have time for social media? Do you want to be in business in five years? You can answer both questions with the same answer. Read more…

Email Marketing

While you may receive more marketing messages in email than you care to think about, the reality is, email marketing is far from dead. Read more…


Video Production

When you get right down to it, video is just more stimulating for consumers. Let’s face it, people these days have the attention span of a pet hamster. Read more…

Metrics + ROI Tracking

Back in the day, it was okay for agencies to get paid big bucks to create an advertising campaign without being held accountable for how many customers it brings through your doors. Read more…


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Out with the old, in with the new; we’re not your GRANDMOTHER’S agency. NO ROCKS FOR WHEELS!


Courtney Riley

Courtney Riley is the owner of Proximo Marketing Strategies, an international digital marketing firm based out of Yorktown, Virginia. Courtney also works as adjunct faculty at Thomas Nelson Community College, educating students on best practices for marketing in the 21st century.

In early 2017, Courtney helped to launch her second company, Cowork Gloucester VA, a business incubator created for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to work together in an environment that fosters community, productivity and creativity. Cowork members benefit from mentorship, education and exclusive resources, geared toward business growth. 

Click HERE to read Courtney’s full bio!

Erica Bradley

Erica is the Vice President of Proximo Marketing Strategies and specializes in client relations, team management and quality control. She works alongside Proximo’s lead strategists to develop and execute digital marketing plans, and also oversees much of the firm’s HR activity.

Erica joined the Proximo team in January 2017, bringing with her an extensive background in the cosmetic and surgical dental industry, and a passion for seeing businesses thrive.

Born and raised in Williamsburg VA, Erica owns a home in the Toano area with her sweet furbaby kitty, Tessa Jane. She attributes her success to God and her strong faith in Christ, and is dedicated to fulfilling his will for her life.

MaKenna Wood

MaKenna is the Digital Strategist for Proximo Marketing Strategies. She works alongside our clients to bring their digital presence to life. She upkeeps their social media presence by organizing postings and creating content. Her duties expand into social media event marketing, blogs/newsletters, graphic design, content writing and project management.

MaKenna joined the Proximo team in May 2017 as a student at VCU, bringing her sense of humor to the online world as she helped our social media team develop an audience for clients. MaKenna took over as Social Media Strategist in May 2018 after graduating from VCU with a Bachelor of Science in General Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

As of May 2019, MaKenna has moved into a full-time role with Proximo as our Digital Strategist. She is continuing to work on her marketing skills and expanding her knowledge of the digital marketing world.

Caitlin Nowak

Caitlin is the Creative Assistant for Proximo Marketing Strategies. She uses her graphic design expertise when working on projects for clients.


Caitlin joined Proximo as an intern in December 2018.
After graduating from VCU with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising, with Concentrations in both Strategic and Creative Advertising, she joined the Proximo team as Creative Assistant in June of 2019.

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