5 Lessons I Learned In My First Five Weeks

We’ve all heard the saying “you learn something new everyday”, but why don’t people share their new knowledge with others? I’ve been working at a marketing agency for five weeks now and I have learned something new every time I’ve walked into the office. Just in case you don’t have the time to spend five weeks working at a marketing agency, I’ll share five key lessons from my experience thus far.

 Redefine the Meaning of “Networking”

People won’t do business with you, because they got your business card at a networking function. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. So why bother spending valuable time attending networking events? As the Business Insider article, Why Networking Doesn’t Work And What You Should Do Instead, explains, it isn’t about the network of people that have one of your business cards, rather it is about the people within your community with whom you have established quality relationships. They know you because of the networking event you met them at; they like you when you tell them you want to help them grow their business; they trust you when you succeed in fulfilling that promise. By being a good neighbor, helping your fellow business owners when possible, and volunteering your time and energy for local causes, you will establish quality relationships that lead to new business and more referrals.

Write Your Own Job Description

No matter what your official job description, intern or otherwise, there will almost always be opportunities within the company to participate in something other than your designated responsibilities. Whether it’s to attend a client meeting, contribute ideas to a brainstorming session, provide feedback for a colleague who wants to do a run-through of an important presentation, or be a guest blogger on the company blog, there is something to learn from every experience. Every company has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the form of its employees. Capitalize on the chance to engage with and work alongside as many of them as possible.

 Social Media is More Than a Grain of Salt

As the manager of Proximo’s social media pages (@ProximoMktg | www.facebook.com/ProximoMarketing), I’ve spent hours and hours over the past few weeks looking at the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages of various people. I recognize that people open social media accounts for different reasons, but regardless of the reason for the account being opened, your online presence is still a reflection of yourself, and the content you post online can and will be seen by others outside of your intended audience. The Internet is all about information sharing. Don’t waste others’ time by sharing useless or unnecessary content that adds to the clutter. Decide what you want to accomplish by using social media and make every post count towards accomplishing these goals. To track your progress and improve your performance, consider using tools such as Facebook Analytics or HootSuite Analytics. The social media world can be tricky, but with clear set goals and measurable results, your time can be more worth your while.

The Internet is Big and Complex, but it’s Paramount to Business Success

The Internet is a time-waster; it’s full of junk and it will take you a lifetime to absorb it all. Okay, so that’s not entirely true… The Internet is time well-spent, has a ton of valuable information and you’ll never absorb it all. The truth is, the Internet is full of people who want to be heard and who want to learn from one another. As I mentioned above, the purpose of the Internet is to share information. But there is a method to the madness. There is a system that needs to be followed, like a dance that only a few people truly understand. I’m in no way claiming to be one of those people, but I have had the opportunity to get a few glimpses of the dance from the choreographer, and I have a much greater appreciation for all that happens to make my consumer internet experience a positive one.

Come Hungry and You’ll Never Starve

I’ve been working here for five weeks now. I have learned about networking, social media, and search engine optimization, but there is still so much more to understand and experience. My colleagues each have had unique experiences, and all of them offer valuable insight and unique solutions to clients’ needs. The beauty of never knowing it all is knowing that each day you walk into the office will be unlike any other day you’ve ever had. If you’re willing to be a student of life, you’ll never stop learning.

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