7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand

So you’ve created something awesome, but not many people know about it. You’re not alone. For some creatives, building a prototype or tailoring your service is the fun part. It’s getting the message out there that can feel like an uphill battle. For others, it’s getting a product in front of the right customers that’s the challenge. The good news is there are proven methods for connecting your great idea with individuals who are facing the exact problem you seek to solve. Here are our 7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product or Service.

7. Share The Process

There is power in your story; the good, bad and the ugly. Your audience is more interested in the evolution of your business than you think. Turn the home video camera on your brand to capture the moments that people can connect to on a more emotional level. The moment the Lip Bar was introduced into Target was much more meaningful after hearing that Melissa Butler began creating lipstick molds in her living room. Sharing baby step moments that highlight your “forward motion” and communicate growth creates customer buy-in. Allow them to turn the page with you. 

6. Stay Ahead of Social Media

One of the easiest ways to promote lies right beneath your fingertips. Social media outlets are in competition to host the best possible platform for you to do this. This forces them to constantly update the tech nuances that, when used consistently and strategically, generate organic traffic to your doorstep. Instagram Reels, for instance, began offering similar capabilities as Tik Tok just as it was on the rise, allowing its user base to reach an untapped Gen Z audience.  Stay informed of quick tips on the social media for business blogs hosted by Facebook and use insights and analytics positions to understand what’s working and what’s not.

5. Word of Mouth

Empower your satisfied customers to do the promoting for you! Testimonials are a great start, but let’s venture beyond a kind-hearted quote that lives on your website. Use video testimonials to allow your customers to paint a vivid picture of their experience working with you. Incorporate rewards for the gift of gab through referral codes, exclusive offers and good ol’ fashioned customer appreciation. 

4. Guerilla Marketing

If you’re looking to make an indelible impression in a specific market, consider Guerrilla Marketing. It’s more than an “Instagrammable moment.” This strategy is about creatively transforming physical spaces that take consumers by surprise and naturally creates social buzz. Don’t worry, this unconventional approach doesn’t have to break the bank. It just has to turn heads!

3. Pick the Right Partners

There was once a time when celebrities were the sole trusted brand ambassadors, far beyond the budget reach of a small business owner. Today, social media influencers and bloggers have large, loyal followers with high engagement. Invest in influencer partnerships to build brand awareness in an authentic way over time. According to BigCommerce, companies’ influencer marketing budgets will increase by 65% in 2021. With the right partnership, the return on investment can take your business to the next level.

2. Competitions

What do your customers want to win? Set an “I gotta have that” prize and then create rules targeting your specific growth goals. Make it engaging for customers to enter to win with simple steps like: Must be following, Tag a friend, RT and mention. The list goes on! Develop a contest that involves customers doing the sharing and be sure to welcome your new friends to the fun!

1. Leverage Exclusivity

Fear of missing out is real. Targeting a narrower audience or offering limited availability generates buzz and excitement. Leverage your mailing list to offer “Sneak Peaks” and include words like “Limited Time Only” and “Space is Limited” to start. Follow up by letting your audience know the awesome thing they missed out on and ease their worries by offering something special just for them.

We understand that promoting a brand is a full time job in itself. Success in marketing requires consistently taking a high level look at your company or brand with a fresh lens and a creative edge. At Proximo, we have a phenomenal team who is happy to help you get the word out. Connect with us for a session with our Master Strategist – and fearless leader – Courtney Riley!