7 Steps to a Successful Business Event

Organizing an event can seem like a lot of work, but the reach that a successful event has can pay off greatly for your business. Events help raise awareness and can create positive interactions in your community. Here are some steps to follow when creating an event to make sure it is a success.

  • Always check dates against local calendars. You can find these on Facebook, in the newspaper, or local websites. Make sure your event doesn’t conflict with any other big events that would subtract from your attendance. When scheduling, think about your audience’s lifestyle and what times or days of the week would work best for them. Scheduling your event at an accessible time is the best way to guarantee attendance.

  • When thinking about your audience, consider what they may find appealing. You want people to come for your business and what you are selling, but some guests need the extra push of add-ons like free food, live music, raffle prizes and networking opportunities. Make sure you don’t keep your guest-list a secret, people go to events to socialize and having a public guest-list can influence attendance if others can see who will be attending.
  • Take advantage of free media publicity and write a press release for your event. This can help reach your community by providing enough information to write a news story on. Media outlets can then choose to write a story on your event which can then be put out in papers, on television, or online.
  • Make professional flyers. The flyers are for your event, but they represent your business too. Graphic design is important and makes a statement about your business and what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. Making flyers in advance for a “save-the-date” opportunity is useful when dealing with professionals whose calendars may be booked far in advance.
  • Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your event! Chances are, if you are running a business in the modern era, you already have a social media following. Use this following to spread information about your event (and your business) to your audience. Take advantage of promoted posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach new people in your community. Do not make it hard for those searching to find all the information for your event they may need.

  • During your event, encourage people to check-in on social media. Take photos and encourage photo opportunities that guests will want to share on their social media feeds. Do a Facebook or Instagram Live of things that are happening at your event, such as live music. It is important to hype up your event even while it is happening! It helps last minute people decide to stop by and also helps promote future events to those watching or those looking to see what your past events were like. Consider doing a social media check-in contest where a random guest who checks-in on social media is chosen to win a prize.
  • Follow up with your guests! Create a sign-in guest book where you can get valuable information like email addresses and phone numbers so you have an opportunity to reach out to your attendees. Follow up with your guests that sign-in with coupons or specials.

If you need help making your next business event a success, Proximo Marketing has you covered. From booking a venue and writing a press release, to designing a flyer and promoting on social media – all while staying on budget, we’ll work with you to plan your event and comb through the details to ensure it’s a success. To contact us about event promotion, call (757) 504-2429.