Focusing on the Things that Make You a Rockstar!

As a digital marketing agency, there are many things that we can do for our clients. Our services range from social media marketing and management to SEO and website building; but in a growing digital landscape, there are new things that pop up that push us to expand our services to better serve our clients. However, when we consider what services to offer, we have to think about what our team can do. Rather than being an agency that claims to do everything, we focus on the things that truly make us rockstars and then, we build our network of partners with skills that make them rockstars!

We’ve seen it before, one person takes on anything and everything just so they can have the work and make the money. Unfortunately, trying to take on everything and expand your services too quickly can take away from the things you are really good at. Gathering up all that extra work to make a quick buck can backfire quickly if you are not adequately prepared to handle it – you could be dropping the ball right and left, causing clients to run for the hills. That’s why you should always play to your teams strengths, because your top priority should be doing what is best for your clients.

At Proximo, our team is skilled in each of their departments and we continue to learn new skills to better serve our clients. As the digital world has grown, we grown, and we have built a network of partners to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our team and our network now include videographers, SEO experts, social media strategists, website developers, graphic designers and content writers. When our team needs an expert to serve our clients, we know right where to turn. Not only do we focus on the things that make us rockstars, but we have found a group of people that do the same!

If you need marketing help, reach out to us at, if we can’t do it, we’re sure to know someone who can!

Importance of Content Writing

In a constantly growing digital world, it is necessary for a business to have a functioning online presence that stimulates interaction with their customers. Content writing is the action of creating relevant content for websites and social media, it includes social media posts, blog posts, and more. Well written content has multiple benefits; it enhances a brands reputation, builds relationships with customers, increases search engine visibility and creates greater engagement from your target audience.

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By developing written content centered around what you or your business does, you position yourself as an expert in your field. With thorough knowledge and understanding, you become trustworthy. People who have become familiar with your content will seek you out when they need help and will be more likely to use and trust your products or services.

Content writing is also important for relationship building with your clients. Nurturing relationships with your customers is an important part of creating loyal and long term customers. Most of the time, creating content that is useful or relateable to your target audience is the best way to connect with your audience.

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Routinely publishing content on your website and other social media platforms increases your search engine visibility. Google’s search algorithm uses key words and word counts in its ranking of websites. By creating content that utilizes these tools, you are more likely to show up in search results at a higher rank than without.

Engaging your customers goes hand in hand with your marketing reputation. Sharing your content across multiple platforms increases the chances that someone will see and engage with it. Likes, comments, retweets, and shares are all types of social media engagement that aid in capturing your customers attention.

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Content writing is about providing useful information to your readers and turning those readers into paying customers. These customer engagements in turn help promote your business. Content writing is important in creating your brands voice and connecting with your customers.

Creating A Dream Team

Having a team that works together can make your business thrive, after all, they say “teamwork makes the dream work”. But a lot of businesses find that teamwork is hard to maintain – largely due to poor communication, lack of trust, and low engagement. Without the right conditions to develop and grow, your team could suffer. So if nurturing a healthy team culture is important to your workplace, here are a few things to consider.

  • Create a positive company culture. Set your team’s expectations and help them meet goals. Make sure each member of your team is on top of their communication with other members as this is often where teams fail. Be clear on the values and mission of your company, and look for employees who match this. Always clarify your purpose, whether it’s your company’s purpose as a whole or the purpose of an individual project. It is essential for your team to understand the “why”.
  • Love your team. Congratulate them on a job well done! Share in each other’s wins. Recognize individuals for a job well done while also helping them understand how their work affects the team as a whole. Focus on everyone’s strengths, people who use their strengths everyday are more likely to be engaged in their work. Celebrate as often as you can. Even small things like Proximo’s #AwesomeSauce board, where we post sticky notes of wins for the week can make a difference in how your team sees you valuing their work.
  • Make sure your team is happy. Nurturing your team doesn’t have to always happen in the workplace. You can often find us Proximo girls having sleepovers, dinner meetings, and getting massages. Getting together in less formal situations can encourage better communication, sharing, and bonding between team members.
  • Get their input. Ask them for feedback as often as possible! Get information from them like what their “dream job” looks like or their ideal hours of work. As millennial’s start taking up a majority of the workplace, studies are finding that the typical 9-5 work day just doesn’t cut it.

While there is no magical answer for how to create the best team, these tips are some of the most important steps you can take to work towards your businesses “dream team”. Follow us on Facebook to find out more about the Proximo team or give us a call at 757-504-2429 to work with us!

Working With A Marketing Team

When it comes to your businesses marketing, there is always the question of whether you should hire an agency with a marketing team or hire an in-house marketing person. Many variables play a factor in this decision including costs, knowledge, and ability. Marketing your business is an essential part of its success so it is important to make sure it is done as best as possible. Proximo was created to be an alternative to an in-house marketing person, and we’re going to tell you why.

  • Your time is valuable. It takes time to hire, train, and manage an in-house marketing person. When you work with an agency that has an experienced team, they are able to capture your intentions and uniqueness to create a strategy that works for you, all using a little bit of input from you. This leaves more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. 
  • We invest in tools and training, some of which may not be cost-effective for your company to provide to an in-house person. We have processes and the know-how to make your marketing efforts shine. Proximo is a tight-knit team that is constantly learning and sharing ideas and experiences to build you a better business. 
  • We’re outsiders. Many people think that in order to effectively market their product or service, you need to know EVERYTHING about that product or service. But that is not always true. The secret to selling is knowing what the customer cares about, not just knowing the nitty-gritty details of what your company does. We create target audiences and messaging guidelines to ensure your business is getting in front of the right audience. 
  • It’s easier to change things up. As we meet to discuss your business, we can easily modify and change things up to create better opportunities. This is important when it comes to scaling up or down. An in-house marketing person can only handle so much that scaling up would be difficult, on the other end of the spectrum, scaling down could leave your in-house person without enough work to do. 
  • We have multiple skills. Marketing isn’t just a one-and-done process. It requires a bundle of skills including, writing, website coding, graphic design, social media, email crafting, analytics, SEO, account management, etc. It is highly unlikely to find one person who can do all of those things at a high standard, and if you could, they would probably cost A LOT. We have a team full of all the skills you need to compete. 
  • It is cheaper. When you hire an in-house person, you’re looking at hiring costs, training costs, salary, vacation, benefits, etc. With an agency, you just pay us for the services you need completed.

When deciding how you want to run your marketing, weigh these benefits of hiring a marketing team like Proximo. If you have any questions about our services, contact 757-504-2429.

What Is Going On With Facebook?

As social media continues to grow, the phrase “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” rings evermore true. Just this year, Facebook has suffered from the explosion of two viral hoaxes/scams. Naturally, this has many people worried about the safety of their accounts as well as wondering if they can really trust Facebook. In case you haven’t heard about what’s going on, let’s go over Facebook 2018 problems.

HOAX: Facebook is only showing you status updates from 25 of your friends. This one circled around early in the year as Facebook made updates to its algorithm. The viral “copy & paste” status had users asking their friends to leave comments on the status to ensure they got put in their mix of 25 people. It also asks users to copy & paste the status so that their friends can do the same. 

TRUTH BOMB: “Friends don’t let friends copy & paste memes, this one is simply not true,” that’s what Facebook had to say about this one. While Facebook’s algorithm does filter your friends posts to show you what might be most meaningful and engaging to you, it does not limit it to a set amount of people. Facebook aims to make your time on the social networking site, “time well spent” so that you are not aimlessly scrolling through articles and videos with no relevance to you. 

SCAM: Your account has been cloned! Facebook’s most recent scam circled the internet just a few weeks ago, in the form of a message. The message informed users that their friends received another friend request from them and encouraged them to check their account privacy. Guess what it said next? “Forward to all your friends!” SMH

TRUTH BOMB: So, you are forwarding a message to all your friends that says you got another friend request from them…but you didn’t?? You just got a viral message that encouraged you to pass the message along. While account cloning is a very real thing, in this instance, the message was being spread to real people with no actual proof of cloning.

With consistent changes to social media platforms, these copy & paste messages tend to go viral because they tap into the real fears and distrust of a growing digital landscape. The most recent scam came about just shortly after the social networking site had a massive hacking scandal, allowing the false messages about cloned profiles to spread like wildfire. If you have a concern for your Facebook account, do some research into how to protect it. And stay away from those dreaded copy & paste messages. Looks like chainmail won’t be going away anytime soon. 

And of course, if you are ever unsure about anything Social Media related, reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Dominate Your SEO with these 2018 Trends!

Dominating your Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a complicated skill. Google’s algorithm has nearly 200 different components that come into play, and if that doesn’t make it tricky enough, they are only consistent for a couple of months before Google chooses to shake things up again and completely change their algorithm to try and improve their search results. With this, trends are constantly changing, some falling by the wayside and being completely forgotten while others are gaining momentum. Here are some trends to keep an eye on…

Relevance. Getting Google to notice you is hard enough when you have great content, so it is nearly impossible to get Google to notice you when you have not so great content. Latent Semantic Indexing is one of the many tools Google uses to determine if your content is relevant or not by looking at the billions of pages and terms used and then determining if those pages/terms are related and comprehensive. So what can you do? When creating your content make sure that it is related to what you want your website to show up for without keyword stuffing. I know it sounds like a lot of upfront work but once it is done, your SEO rankings will have a much greater chance of being higher.

Backlinks. As one of the biggest trust signals for search engines, backlinks (even linkless ones) are getting more and more important. Google can very easily access your websites mentions and brand by tracking these links and using them for authorization towards your relevance – see the connections here 🙂 – So, what can you do about it? First, be sure to leave your website link whenever you visit another page, for instance leave a review and at the end, add your website URL. Also, guest blog on other businesses websites on a topic that is relevant to you both, and again add in your URL. You can always download a web monitoring app that will find any mentions of your brand or products so you know where you are linked to.

Website Speed. This has always played a huge part of SEO and that is not changing anytime soon. Not only does it help your ranking improve but it will also decrease your ranking if it is not up to Googles speed. What do you do? You enter your site on a Website Auditor and get the accurate speed of your website and if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, follow any of the recommendations that the auditor gives you to increase the speed. This is extremely important.

Voice Search. It has been said that nearly 55% of teens and 40% of adults use voice search verses typing anything in the search bar. What does this mean? That your keywords need to be extremely relevant – here we go again. It’s important to note that common voice searchers use a more normal lingo instead of the odd keyword lingo. What can you do you about it? Make sure your keywords are precisely chosen to compliment both the voice and search bar searchers.

SEO is an ever changing task and therefore, it is recommended that you have a marketing firm (like us!) perform your SEO for you, to make sure it is being done correctly and that you are ranking as high as you possibly can! If you have any questions or want to have us take over your SEO, reach out and let us know!

Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

As a small business owner, much of your time is spent on the development and operations of your business, leaving social media to fall on the back burner. Spending hours a week interacting with your audience and curating posts just isn’t a priority. However, maintaining a good social media presence is a crucial tool for your small business. So, what do you do now? Consider outsourcing your social media management to a knowledgeable third party (like us).

While it may seem simple, social media is more than just posting a few messages to Facebook or uploading a picture to Instagram. Here are a few tasks that your social media manager at Proximo can be responsible for. 

  • Social Media Strategy – including types of content, posting frequency, campaign ideas, and market research. 
  • Consistent Branding – carrying your voice across multiple platforms. 
  • Engaging in conversations – responding to messages and comments from existing or potential customers, including questions and complaints.
  • Monitoring Mentions – keeping an eye out for recommendations and reviews from your customers.
  • Content Marketing – developing images, articles, and blogs that can be shared on your social media.
  • Developing Contests – finding ways to get your audience engaged and helping your business give back.

Keeping up with these tasks often takes marketers around 6 hours per week, that’s time that many business owners just don’t have.

Now that you know what a social media manager can do, you may be thinking “well how do I get started?” When you work with Proximo, we will review your existing social media presence and develop a strategy on how you can improve your page likes, followers, and engagement. In order to effectively develop your strategy, we need some information from you. This can range from a variety of questions about your business, including: 

  • Target audience – who it is that you are really trying to reach? 
  • Social Media Objectives – including brand awareness, customer engagement, and lead generation.
  • Content – what do you feel supports your brand and what you can provide us with.
  • Industry & Competition – what does the world surrounding your business look like?
  • Budget – how much do you want to spend on social media including ads, giveaways, or contests and how do you want that to be allocated?

Gathering this information will help us to form the best strategy for your social media presence. Throughout the process, we work alongside you to maintain your brand’s image in an online world that is constantly changing. If you have any questions regarding Social Media Management, fill out our contact form at

4 Content Marketing Trends for Digital Marketers

If you are a company who has made a sound investment in content marketing you are likely among a number of B2B marketers who are working to make their content marketing strategies more effective this year than the previous one.  For those who are still in the research phase, content marketing could be a big winning for your company if you put together the right strategy and execution.

When planning out a content marketing campaign there are a number of factors you may want to consider.  In fact, the Content Marketing Institute published a report outlining content marketing factors that attributed to an organization’s overall success that you should checkout.  Of course, before you can do the same you will need to define exactly what a successful campaign looks like.

Content Format

I’ll be the first to admit that when I think of content marketing I immediately think of written content.  That is not necessarily the case today. Successful brands might look outside the box and take a broader media approach.  In today’s market there are opportunities to contribute with video, graphics and illustrations, podcasts, media buying, webinars, events, and within social media.  To do this means that you will need a team who can produce compelling content, promote that content and reach influencers within your target demographic.

The Internet of Things is Taking Over

Not to complicate matters, but in today’s changing landscape a term referred to as “The Internet of Things” has been gaining popularity. Unlike campaigns we ran 5 or 10 years ago, your audience isn’t limited to media on a screen anymore. With technologies such as Google Voice, Siri, and Alexa, content can be delivered hands free and might not ever be seen. You talk and your device delivers. With voice search becoming more prevalent, marketers may need to rethink how they strategize their SEO, PPC, and of course content marketing campaigns.

Offer Value and Be Real

There is no denying that the internet has become a competitive environment.  In just one minute, this is what gets published.  For those who didn’t click the link, here are some of the numbers.  Keep in mind, this is just one minute.

  • Wikipedia – 600 new page edits
  • Google Conducts 3,607,080 searches
  • Youtube users watch 4,146,600 videos
  • Buzzfeed users view 50,925.92 videos
  • Instagram users post 46,740 photos
  • American use 2.657,700 GB of internet data

If you want to be memorable and develop a loyal following amongst all that commotion, it may be a good idea to offer consistent value in everything you do.  Find ways to help people solve their problems, offer good advice, and from time to time, consider doing something to help out the community you serve. This long term strategy, along with other digital marketing methods, can help your brand build trust within your digital community.

Author Bio

Chris Foerster is a technology junkie and digital marketer who currently manages the digital marketing school promotion at Fremont College.  With more than a decade of experience marketing businesses online, Chris brings a unique skill set of SEO, PPC, social media, lead nurturing, and content marketing to the college’s website  We are proud to support Chris, and to share his knowledge with our audience.

Stand Out With Instagram

Visuals are a huge part of being successful on social media, whether it is photos or videos, your customers want to SEE what you are up to. Not read about it. While Facebook remains the number one social media platform for businesses, Instagram is rising as a visual star. Instagram allows you to share one image, multiple images, and videos, plus you can get creative with Instagram Stories. Creativity is key in order to get noticed. Here is a couple tips on how you can stand out on Instagram. 

  • Leave a positive first impression. 
    • Profile Image: keep it simple, it is a small portion of your profile. Your logo is a great option.
    • Username: you want your followers to know it’s you. Use your company name, or a simplified version if it is long.
    • Bio: describe who you are and what you offer. Include your website.
    • Contact Info: include an email, phone number, and address so people know how to reach you or find you.

  • Rock your feed.
    • Leverage natural light in photos/videos.
    • Diversify your content. Let your followers see your business, your products, and YOU! 
    • Use different formats. Like we mentioned before, Instagram allows you to share a variety of formats including photos and videos. Make it fresh.
    • Keep your filters and styles consistent. If you like bright colors, show it. If you prefer the X-Pro II filter because it darkens the background, use it. Just keep it synonymous.

  • Develop your content 
    • Don’t neglect captions. While people are focused on the photo/video, they will look to the caption for context. 
    • Utilize hashtags. People can search based on hashtags, if you want to be noticed, use a variety that relate to your business. Use 3-6 for each post. 
    • Mark your location. Instagram’s geotag feature lets your followers know where you are, whether it is at your business location or out in the community.
    • Share on other social media platforms. Instagram allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter for a universal post across your platforms.

  • Get Creative with Instagram Stories 
    • Instagram Stories are photos/videos that disappear after 24 hours. Add text, polls, locations, tags, hashtags, gifs, emojis..the list goes on. 
    • Learn how to use the Boomerang, Live, Focus, Superzoom, and Rewind features to make your content stand out. 
    • Save stories as a highlight. People will be able to see that Instagram Story every time they visit your profile. 
    • Don’t rely on sound. Although video is becoming a huge avenue for social media marketing, many people still watch with the sound off. Find ways to get your message across in case your followers prefer to watch in silence.

If you have never explored Instagram, a lot of these words may sound like a foreign language. No worries, we are here to help! If you have questions about starting your Instagram presence or building it up, contact us at 757-504-2429 for a strategy or training.

Employee Communication through Facebook Groups

Keeping your employees up to date on all the major details of your business can be harder than you think. As your business grows, your network of employees grows right along with it. With so many different jobs to do, it can be hard to stay on track. Get everyone on the same page by creating a private Facebook Group just for your business and your employees. 

First off, it’s FREE. We love free! Facebook Groups do not cost you anything and they can be set up in minutes. Create the closed group and add all of your employees. The best part? They do not have to be friends with each other, so each employee can retain their privacy from coworkers.

Second, with over 1 billion users, it’s almost a guarantee that all of your employees will already be using the site. Since they are already looking through their News Feeds, it makes sense to put your messages where they are guaranteed to see it. BONUS. They also already know how to use it. There is no need to train employees on new communication apps or spending time and money to develop an in-house communication system.

Here are some extra benefits!

Facebook will send push notifications to members of the group when someone posts. Any new updates will go directly to the app on your employees phone or desktop. It is almost guaranteed they will see your information by the end of the day. Keep them informed on specials, events, and processes used in your operations.

There is also great opportunity to share visual content. Whether you have some great new staff photos or a video explaining a new process, you can quickly share it in the group for all of your employees to engage. Your Facebook Group will allow you to foster collaboration. Ask for opinions, ideas, and suggestions to collect feedback and get in touch with everyone all at once. Treating your staff to lunch? Ask their preference. Looking for new sales to offer customers? Collect ideas from the ones on the front-line. It is as easy as 1..2..3.

The great thing is, it’s really easy to manage!. Quickly add or remove members and monitor day-to-day interactions. Nothing beats a knowledgeable staff that is in-tune with what’s going on in your business.