Rockstars Only – The 5 Essential Players in Your Business Squad

Take a Look Around You.

When a business is started, business relationships are being built, and dreams of a successful and prosperous business are coming together, you want to be sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right “type” of people. Of course, you want to succeed and you need those in your corner who will help you and your business do so. There are a few categories of people, and you need a few of them all. You need an ambitious, committed, successful team and to make that happen you should have a certain types of people from each of the below categories in your corner.

1)  Thoughtful and Logical Leaders. These types of people help you see your business or ideas in other ways, and from different views. No matter what their background is in, they are typically able to produce the “out of the box” ideas and harder questions. Although they may challenge you, it will always be in a positive way to keep you moving forward.

2) Those Who Inform. Have you ever met someone who just knows almost everything. They happen to have tidbits of information and knowledge no matter what the subject or concept is? Well you need them in your social network. Ask them questions, take them out for coffee or lunch and see what you can learn from them that will help you along the way.

3) The Discoverers. This is important. You need to see the people who established a business similar to, and before yours as mentors and not as competition. These are people who have been there and know what you are going through. They can share what they have learned, along with the do’s and don’ts of the business world.

4) Those You Look Up To. Otherwise known as your role models. These people should be able to offer invaluable information and learning tips. See those that you admire no matter what industry they are in and learn from them. Then determine how their approach can be applied to your business.

5) The Cheerleader. Being a business owner can be tough and you will need a support system through every stage of the business. Having those around that can offer support and cheer during every situation can only be a positive thing. They will offer happiness and excitement during times of celebration, along with encouragement and positive reinforcement during times of doubt and disappointment.



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