Createathon 2014 Live

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Welcome to Createathon 2014 Live!

[/text_output][accordion][accordion_item title=”What Is This?” parent_id=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]Proximo Marketing Strategies Createathon 2014 for Nonprofit OrganizationsWelcome to our Createathon homepage takeover! Today, we’re committing to 24 hours of work so that we can help six area nonprofits raise awareness, raise money and raise support for their causes through marketing. We’re doing all of it for FREE!

This year, we’ll be working on projects for Feed a Friend, NATASHA House, Bacon Street, 1st Night of Williamsburg, Proclaiming Grace Outreach and the Woman’s Club of Williamsburg.

We’ll be creating marketing plans, social media campaigns, animated videos, posters, brochures, websites and a lot more in this 24-hour period. Watch our work live from @WorkNimbly, watch our progress and engage with us throughout the day as we embark on this journey for a second year![/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Where’s the Regular Homepage?”]The regular homepage didn’t go anywhere, we’re just showing you a different homepage while we embark on this bittersweet journey. You can access our regular homepage by clicking on the button below.

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Watch Us Work Live Starting at 8 AM on Thursday, October 23


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