You might remember the days when the growth of your business depended on the size of the ad your company placed in the phone book. Perhaps you didn’t place an ad in the phone book, but you remember the days when your local print newspaper ads generated a ton of business. In the 21st Century, it’s hard to rely on either one of these marketing efforts (phone books and newspapers) to bring you a return on investment that is comparable to the ones you saw back in the day. Other things have changed too. For one, the ability to measure your advertising investment has seen a vast improvement over the past few years as well. Now-a-days, you also likely rely more on your website as a source of new customers than ever before. If neither of these things are at the forefront of your marketing plan, it may be time for you to reconsider your marketing efforts and begin the process of having an upgrade through the help of a digital marketing agency.


At Proximo Marketing Strategies, we’ve spent years researching the best ways to get our clients in front of hot prospects. In doing so, we have adopted the growing digital marketing culture to get our clients in front of hot prospects. This has left many communication mediums, like phone books and newspapers, out of our list. While traditional advertising still has its place in every marketing plan somewhere, digital marketing has stolen the show from what you may have done 10 years ago.

Proximo Marketing Strategies is a digital marketing agency focusing on attracting more qualified leads to your website, generating complementary reviews on your directory listings, getting more potential customers in your marketing funnel and converting prospects into revenue-generating customers. We use a combination of technology, strategy, data, and experience to be the most effective at achieving your growth goals.

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