Do It Yourself Logo Design – A Very Bad Idea

How can businesses visually stand out from other brands, and how can the public recognize your brand in the midst of others? The answer is a logo. When we think of logos, we often think of the iconic blue square and white “f” for Facebook, the widely popular swoosh for Nike, and the iconic golden “M” to represent the Mcdonald’s fast-food chain. The problem is that a lot of start-up business owners believe creating a logo on “do-it-yourself” websites or even designing it themselves with no design experience will create the same results that the previously mentioned successful companies have. The truth is that these create-your-own logo gimmicks and amateur designs hardly ever make your business or brand attract the positive attention that you want.

Logo designs are supposed to be unique. When business owners think that making their own logo will be “easy”, they may be right, because while it may be easy, it probably won’t be good. Having a logo that illustrates your business is the difference between mediocre and professionalism in the business world.  Whether it’s through the utilization of a tasteful color palette, a memorable illustration, or defined typography, a high-quality logo will often speak for itself when words can’t.

Consumers are much smarter than we realize. Due to the fact that we are a social-media dominated generation, internet users are likely to see hundreds (if not thousands) of different brand images a day. In order to stand out within the crowd of media, online and in real life, logos must be able to captivate an audience and reel in potential customers, clients, and consumers into wanting to know more about your brand. Smart consumers might be able to see that your logo was curated on a DIY logo design site since all of these sites often hold the same basic tools, and this could definitely cause people to dismiss your business as a whole.

If you have little to no design experience and create a logo on your own, smart users will be able to recognize a well-established logo from an amateur one. By designing a logo by yourself, you run the risk of possibly mimicking a logo that already exists, using colors that clash with one another or putting way too much detail into the design. With no professional assistance, you won’t be able to recognize the little mistakes that we often make when trying to do things on our own.

Even though a free DIY logo design might seem tempting, it could lead to potential business problems. Poorly designed logos could stop business growth, sales, and other future opportunities. Logos are like first impressions–you only have one chance to make it right, and

your business is far too valuable for it to be represented by a DIY logo design. Logos shouldn’t just be an image to fill up space, it should create the space and represent your brand’s values by allowing the world to recognize the level of quality your business provides.

If you’re looking for a professionally designed logo and need some assistance, we are more than willing to help your business visually by bringing your ideas to life. You can reach Proximo through email – or call 757-504-2429 to help you get the logo of your dreams.