It’s time to PARTY! Pop the cork, pour yourself a glass, and let’s have some fun! Whether you are throwing a party that will blow the roof off the building or a formal social gathering to promote the creation of a new product line, the team at Proximo Marketing Strategies is here to help spread the word throughout the community near and far about what your business has going on through our event marketing services. When it comes to networking with new clients and building relationships or catching up with some old ones, hosting an array of events showing what you have to offer can be one of the best methods for gathering people from near and far, and putting a face to your business.

While you might think that the hardest part (and even maybe one of the most important parts) of throwing an event is getting everything set up, we feel that effectively and efficiently spreading the word around the community about the event is equally important. Once you have the location confirmed, the caterer hired, and a rocking DJ that is ready to drop some good tunes, leave it to the professionals at Proximo Marketing Strategies to ensure your event is promoted in a way that leaves both you and your customers happy.

With so many different ways to promote and market your event, it is easy to overlook the most effective and efficient ways to market your event to the community. Providing event marketing services, Proximo Marketing Strategies’s team of professionals have years of experience and thousands of hours worth of research in promoting a wide variety of events for different businesses. Don’t let the promoting and marketing of your event cause other parts of the preparation process to struggle. Using a variety of different social platforms, we can ensure your event will be one that is known around town.

Open House Event Management

Planning a successful business event is no small task. From organizing the attendee list and sending invitations to renting supplies and booking a caterer – all under budget – it can be daunting on top of your day-to-day tasks. Providing event marketing services, we’ll work with you to plan your event and comb through the details to ensure its success. Let’s talk about your event. Contact us today!