Facebook Rolls Out Live Splitscreen

As If It Was Any Surprise….

Facebook released yet another feature for the dominant platform. The reigning king of social media platforms has always stayed ahead of the curve to provide the best experience for it’s users. Over the years, Facebook has adapted the features of many other popular platforms to become a one stop shop for your social networking needs. The latest update has to do with one of the most recent features that has gotten a lot of exposure very quickly; Facebook Live.

Facebook Live has become a common tool for many users, and has been adapted by many businesses as a great way to connect with their audience, and engage potential customers and clients. For those who are a bit behind the times, Facebook Live gives users the ability to stream live video directly to Facebook, while that users fans can view the video, comment in real time, and send emojis to show how they feel about the video. All caught up with the rest of us? Good.

Now, Facebook’s latest update will make the tool even more useful, with the rolling out of the split screen option. This will give the ability for a user to invite another user to join the live video for the audience to see. This feature will open a lot of potential for businesses, as well as being pretty cool for normal users that want to have some fun. Anybody ever want to host their own talk show, but didn’t have the funding (or maybe the talent) to actually make it happen? Well, here’s your chance to give it a shot. You will need to get some guests to agree to join the video though, so don’t get excited just yet.

So with the news of this cool new feature, there is a catch. There usually is, right? As with most of Facebook’s new features, they are rolled out on a limited basis. As of now, it seems the feature is only available on the iOS mobile app for iPhone. It doesn’t seem to be available for Android or desktop yet, but don’t fear. It should only be a matter of time before the tool is fully available to all users. So, just be patient and it will come. Or, you could just go buy an iPhone if you don’t want to wait. We won’t judge you.