Find Local Followers on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter for your company, then hopefully you are spending some time each week to find targeted followers. It’s easy to find followers on Twitter if you’re not a location-specific business. After all, if you just want people to come buy something from your website, then pretty much anyone could be a potential connection. You could use keywords to find the right person, but you don’t have to worry about where they live. However, if you’re a local business, then you might be struggling to find local followers on Twitter. If your target audience is homeowners in the Southeastern Virginia area, then finding a homeowner in the middle of Oregon isn’t very helpful. But how do you find those targeted connections?

So without further ado, let us give you some tips (some that we’ve come up with on our own, and some we’ve learned from others) to help you with finding local followers on Twitter to help grow your company.

1. Search for the City in The Search Bar


Hopefully you’re already a little familiar with the Twitter search bar. Look at the top right of the page. This allows you to search keywords on Twitter. You can search for your city name and find people who are talking about it or who have included it in their name or bio. Try searching for variations of the city name. Also include the state name in your search. Doing a couple of different searches will yield some more results. Twitter also has an advanced search feature that allows you to look for people within a specific location. This is pretty helpful, and we recommend this as a key way to find followers.

2. Follow Leads


Every city has a number of Twitter accounts that are dedicated to the city, specifically news channels, meteorologists, local events calendars, newspapers, and more. While it wouldn’t hurt to follow these people and retweet them sometimes to establish a relationship with them, the real value of these accounts is in their followers. Think about it. The people following them are going to be interested in the city. So click on those profiles and you can see who their followers are. Look at some of those profiles. Bet you’ll notice that they live in that city… Also, most of those Twitter accounts (like Williamsburg, VA; and Williamsburg 411) have tons of followers. How about that for targeted Twitter followers?

3. See What Twitter Says


Sometimes Twitter actually has some useful recommendations. If you look on the right side column after you sign in (left side if you are still using the old layout), it’ll show you a little box that says “Who To Follow”. Sometimes it just puts some junk stuff in there that’s not really useful at all. But sometimes, you hit some real targets, especially if Twitter can tell you’re aiming for people in a certain city. This isn’t going to work very well for you if you just started a Twitter account for your company and are beginning the process of growing Twitter followers, but keep this in mind as you continue to grow, or if you already have a sizable following and just want to make it even bigger.

So there it is. Not a lot of profound info, but hopefully something to help you out if you’re trying to find local followers on Twitter. What do you think? Do you have some other tips or ideas? What are your tips for finding local followers on Twitter? Post on here and let us know! Also, follow us on Facebook for more regular tips! If you ever need help with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or if you are looking for social media management options, then give us a call!