Focusing on the Things that Make You a Rockstar!

As a digital marketing agency, there are many things that we can do for our clients. Our services range from social media marketing and management to SEO and website building; but in a growing digital landscape, there are new things that pop up that push us to expand our services to better serve our clients. However, when we consider what services to offer, we have to think about what our team can do. Rather than being an agency that claims to do everything, we focus on the things that truly make us rockstars and then, we build our network of partners with skills that make them rockstars!

We’ve seen it before, one person takes on anything and everything just so they can have the work and make the money. Unfortunately, trying to take on everything and expand your services too quickly can take away from the things you are really good at. Gathering up all that extra work to make a quick buck can backfire quickly if you are not adequately prepared to handle it – you could be dropping the ball right and left, causing clients to run for the hills. That’s why you should always play to your teams strengths, because your top priority should be doing what is best for your clients.

At Proximo, our team is skilled in each of their departments and we continue to learn new skills to better serve our clients. As the digital world has grown, we grown, and we have built a network of partners to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our team and our network now include videographers, SEO experts, social media strategists, website developers, graphic designers and content writers. When our team needs an expert to serve our clients, we know right where to turn. Not only do we focus on the things that make us rockstars, but we have found a group of people that do the same!

If you need marketing help, reach out to us at, if we can’t do it, we’re sure to know someone who can!