Free Websites – Why They Cost More

You’ve started your own business and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Whether you are trying to reach your targeted consumers through branding, social media or word of mouth, all elements of a successful business need a digital place for your audience to come back to. Think of it as a home base for your entire brand. Your website is supposed to be accessible, easy to navigate, informative, and should speak loudly about what your business does and how it’s different from the competition.

Many businesses these days are creating websites on free website-building platforms with no SEO and no experience. While the word “free” may seem appealing, free websites don’t have the capacity to bring your business the traction it deserves, and here’s why.

Free website layouts are limited and rarely bring your creative vision for your business to life.

There’s only so much you can do on a free website to make it look as visually appealing and close to your brand idea as possible. You’ll be forced to have to choose between the few layouts, color schemes, and fonts that the site has, and as a result, your website will suffer because of it. If a new user comes across a poorly designed website, they most likely won’t want to stay more than a few seconds on your page. In a world where online media and photography is consumed constantly, your business deserves a website that stands out visually.

Consumers won’t be able to reach your site as much as you may want.

Google is humanity’s best friend, and with a computer in nearly everyone’s pockets, having your website easily accessible through search engines is critical to expanding your business to the next level. Free websites don’t have real SEO (search engine optimization). This is because you don’t actually own that free website you are using–the site builder you’re using does. A real SEO will allow you to customize certain aspects of your website with no limitations and with a 100% guarantee that your website will always reach back to you, the business owner. Free websites just simply don’t have the ability to create the kind of traffic you want on your page. The SEO strategies that these sites hold might lead you to believe that adding every single keyword you can think of to the list will help users be able to find your business site easily, but sadly this is not the case. Free website platforms will never be able to compete with an organically structured website, which leads us to our next point.

Putting in all of your energy into a free website will not only waste your time, but it will hurt your business. Without the ability for your site to show up on search engines when possible consumers look up your business name, those same consumers are more than likely to look up your direct competition (who more than likely will have a working SEO) and your free website’s reach will become stagnant over time.

Free websites communicate unprofessionalism to users.

Last but not least, it’s essential that your business radiates a level of efficiency and professionalism that will not only help your reputation as a business owner, but it will strengthen your ability to connect to your consumers on a deeper level. Big brands build their own websites. Big business build their own websites. By allowing your business to truly shine through its own website, you won’t have to go through any of the loopholes that come with free website platforms. Organically constructing a website isn’t just the beginning of your successful business, but it’s the life-line that will bring your complete vision to life. Your audience will be able to recognize the level of effort you put into your work through your website alone.

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