Get the Word Out With Social Media

Social Media is where we spend over 25% of our time online.

Why not promote and market on social media then like the already 80% of marketers do?  The key is whether or not you promote it efficiently and effectively. Using Social Media to reach your target audience is too easy and rewarding to not take advantage of it for your business.

Here are some effective ways to make sure you are using social media to its fullest. You may not realize it, but most of these strategies probably work on you too!

Using Visuals:  How do you get more engagement and more attention to what you are promoting?  Images.  Content captures more attention with images than just content alone.  More people will read your content if there is an image attached.  It is all about visualization and what attracts the eye.  You will want a branded image to start off with, but creating separate images for other points in your content for repeated sharing of postings is also important.

Headlines:   It is all about the title of your content. The title will determine whether someone actually takes the time to read what you’re promoting.  The headline title is your attention getter, but having the right title is the key.  Create a better title and multiple titles.  These will help your posts get promoted within the social media realm.

Customize:  By using customization on the posting features of social media platforms, you will help grab the reader’s attention.   The headline, image and content description is all part of this.  Marketers of social media are using customization to attract the eye.  By customizing for a particular platform, your post will stand out more.

When to Share:  In order to reach the maximum people on social media, you need to know when is the right time to post your content.  If you post too early, you may find your content overlooked.  If you post too late, you may find that your content won’t be read at all.  Each media platform have different peak times, so it is important to research each platform to find out when their peak times are.  Facebook is a platform that can aid you in knowing when their peak tiSEO1mes are.  Make sure you take advantage of any tools made available to you to determine when to schedule postings.

Multiple Postings:  There is no harm in posting your content multiple times on social media.  You would use different headlines and images for those who might have already seen your content and not only that, but not every social media user sees your post the first time.  This gives every social media user a chance to see your post or even reread your post.

Questions:  You will want to create a connection with social media users since social media was not intended for businesses, but for the people of society.  The way to do so is by allowing users to ask questions and provide feedback.  Within your post you can include a question for users to respond to.  Users responses will engage in other users to respond as well.

Platform Choice:  What platform should you post on is critical.  You need to understand that every day a new social media platform is popping up and it is important to know what kind of audience those platforms focus on.  You wouldn’t want to post your content to a social media platform that has primarily teenage users unless your content revolves around teen subjects.  Do your research and find out which platforms are a good fit for your content.

Paying to Post:  There is always the option of paying social media to promote your content.  Doing so will allow your posts into social media news feeds, where visibility is guaranteed.  Look at your budget and see where you can spare some extra marketing money to pay for your postings

Brand Advocates:  Have your employees or partners share your content on social media.  This helps promote your content even more.  It spreads your content across a broader spectrum.  Your employees/partners friends may share it and their friends may share it….and so on.

So There You Have It.

Pretty simple right? Use these strategic tactics to increase the reach of your posts and get your message out there. Continue creating new and engaging content directed towards your target audience and reap the benefits!