How to Help Your Approval/Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue has become an increasing problem in our world, and that’s because there is a continuous intake of information and what seems like endless options.

Sometimes making a decision can feel overwhelming. Everyday life is often stressful enough, but when it comes to deciding where to spend your money and budgeting appropriately, it can feel nearly impossible.

Let’s talk more about decision fatigue and how you can implement all-inclusive packages to help combat that for your businesses marketing.

Where Does Decision Fatigue Come Into Play?

Decision fatigue stems from the idea that we as humans make hundreds of decisions every day.

From what we’re going to eat for breakfast, to where we should be spending our precious marketing dollars. Making so many decisions can wear you out, lead to a stressful work environment and potentially cause you to make poor decisions as a business owner.

When it comes to managing your marketing budget, while also trying to determine where to spend it, it can be hard to decide which services to implement and which to sacrifice. When a company’s services are proposed “a la carte” it can be hard to determine what’s more important to you.

For example, how do you decide between SEO, Google Ads, and social media when you feel like you need them all or when you’re unsure what those services even mean.

Ultimately, you feel like you either have to sacrifice your budget to get everything, or drop a service you need in order to stay within your budget.

You also have to factor in the idea that in 6 months, you may need a new service. Do you push the budget again or drop a service you were using for the new one?

Bottom line; making these decisions is stressful, but they don’t have to be. 

The Importance of All-Inclusive Packages

Implementing all-inclusive packages for your customers can help them avoid the stress of making a decision, because it allows them access to multiple services your business has to offer.

Instead of leaving your clients stressed and hesitant to move forward, you’ll leave them feeling at ease knowing their marketing is covered and they can “set it and forget it” on their marketing budget for the year. 

At Proximo, we have incorporated all-inclusive marketing packages designed to help stop your decision fatigue.

The all-inclusive packages are meant to give you the peace of mind that all your marketing materials are covered under one fee.

No need to ask for a budget increase or stress about which services you think matter more. Instead, choose a package that works for your business and get all the services you need within your budget.

With our all-inclusive packages, you can have videos when you need them and upgrades to your website too! Find yourself needing headshots for the team? No problem because there’s a package that includes that! With these packages, you can get a strategy session, help with social media, and so much more!

We thought hard about these packages and made sure they were built with things that mattered to you!  We can’t wait to work with you! Contact us to get started setting up your all-inclusive package and say bye-bye to decision fatigue!