Importance of Website Updating

In significantly less than a second, someone can form an opinion about your company’s website, and in less than three seconds they can close out of your website and already be searching for the next. No one ever wants that to happen to their website as it will surely result in the loss of a few customers. Just as you would want to make a great first impression about yourself to someone else, it is equally important to make a great first impression of your company to a customer with an amazing website!

Your website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate with up-to-date information for potential customers. Having a website that is difficult to look through can turn people away from your business. Consistently maintaining and updating your site will not only set a good first impression but it will help you turn leads into conversions, which will ultimately help your business in the long run. We put together a few points on how an updated website can be beneficial.

  • Updated Content: Has your company recently expanded to add services? Or maybe you have discontinued a product offering? It is important to keep your website up-to-date on your company’s services and products to ensure that customers know exactly what you have to offer them. This will not only make your company seem more reliable but will improve the customer’s experience with you. 

  • Search Engine Rankings Boost: Similar to people, search engines love fresh content. When search engines, such as Google, comb your website for relevancy – the updated content, fresh images and videos will help boost your rankings towards the top! Having a highly ranked website will not only look good for your company but will draw in more traffic from potential new customers as most people never travel past the first page of a search engine. 

  • Keep Links Updated: Do you want to boast about your company winning certain awards with a link to an article? Wouldn’t it be disappointing if that link resulted in a “404 Page Not Found” message? Unfortunately this happens way too often and leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who were visiting your website. With simple updating and routine checking you can ensure that the links you have embedded in your website remain active!

Don’t let your business face lost customers because of an inaccurate and outdated website. Call the team here at Proximo Marketing Strategies at (757) 504-2429 or visit our website,, to find out how we can help you improve your website today!