Is Blogging Really That Important?

As we approach yet another year of technological advancements and further change in the digital marketing world, the attention we pay to the content in our website is more important than ever.  Blogs have been around for years and many have taken to the stage to become “experts” in their field by blogging. But it’s not just those who are seeking the limelight who benefit from the task.

For businesses, having a blog as a part of your website is critical for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some ways that blogging can help your business and then we’ll look at some strategies to save time and generate more content.
  1. Content Development & SEO – Search engine optimization, or the methods used to push a website to the top of search results on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines, is done through various strategies, but generating fresh content is a great place to start. Blogging creates an opportunity for companies to publish new content that is rich with keywords that are relevant to their business.  The more content and keywords, the better.  This will pay off as you will see your position start to rise in search engines in short order.
  2. Be the Expert – Blogs are a platform to show your customers and potential customers that you actually know what you are doing.  We don’t always have time to educate our audience one-on-one, so filling a blog with relevant articles that are chocked full of educational information is a great way to get your ideas across. However, don’t think you can’t use your blog for more lighthearted posting that shows some personality.
  3. Content for Social & Email – As we engage in social media and email marketing, it can be difficult to find content for your networks and subscribers.  Content from your blog is great content for your email newsletters and your social media sites.  Share a snippet of your post and follow it with a link back to your blog that says “read more.”  Not only will you content to push to your followers, but you will increase the traffic to your website as well.
Now, for how to blog more, while spending less time actually creating content.
  1. Spread Out the Work – Blogs allow for multiple individuals to publish content.  This is good because a company is often times comprised of many people.  By allowing multiple team members to post to your company blog, you give each one exposure to your audience and it gives your company more personality.
  2. Find Other Relevant Blog Posts – There are many people out there who are blogging who have already created content that is relevant to your audience.  Sharing blog posts from others is a good way to keep your audience informed without having to always think of new things to write about.  Infographics are also a great way to share previously written content with your followers.
  3. Seek Out Guest Bloggers – There are other people in business who compliment what you do.  For instance, in the real estate world, mortgage brokers, surveyors, real estate attorneys and other professionals offer services that your customers need.  The professionals in those industries would love to get in front of your customers. See if you can find some who will produce content on a regular basis for your blog and allow them to share content from yours on their blog as well. Be sure to provide the guest blogger with a list of keywords that you would like for them to include in their piece.
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