Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

As a small business owner, much of your time is spent on the development and operations of your business, leaving social media to fall on the back burner. Spending hours a week interacting with your audience and curating posts just isn’t a priority. However, maintaining a good social media presence is a crucial tool for your small business. So, what do you do now? Consider outsourcing your social media management to a knowledgeable third party (like us).

While it may seem simple, social media is more than just posting a few messages to Facebook or uploading a picture to Instagram. Here are a few tasks that your social media manager at Proximo can be responsible for. 

  • Social Media Strategy – including types of content, posting frequency, campaign ideas, and market research. 
  • Consistent Branding – carrying your voice across multiple platforms. 
  • Engaging in conversations – responding to messages and comments from existing or potential customers, including questions and complaints.
  • Monitoring Mentions – keeping an eye out for recommendations and reviews from your customers.
  • Content Marketing – developing images, articles, and blogs that can be shared on your social media.
  • Developing Contests – finding ways to get your audience engaged and helping your business give back.

Keeping up with these tasks often takes marketers around 6 hours per week, that’s time that many business owners just don’t have.

Now that you know what a social media manager can do, you may be thinking “well how do I get started?” When you work with Proximo, we will review your existing social media presence and develop a strategy on how you can improve your page likes, followers, and engagement. In order to effectively develop your strategy, we need some information from you. This can range from a variety of questions about your business, including: 

  • Target audience – who it is that you are really trying to reach? 
  • Social Media Objectives – including brand awareness, customer engagement, and lead generation.
  • Content – what do you feel supports your brand and what you can provide us with.
  • Industry & Competition – what does the world surrounding your business look like?
  • Budget – how much do you want to spend on social media including ads, giveaways, or contests and how do you want that to be allocated?

Gathering this information will help us to form the best strategy for your social media presence. Throughout the process, we work alongside you to maintain your brand’s image in an online world that is constantly changing. If you have any questions regarding Social Media Management, fill out our contact form at https://proximomarketing.com/contact-us/.