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They say that any press is good press. While that may not always be true, what is often true is that getting your story into the press doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be a very effective way to spread the message that you want people to hear about your company or organization. Press relations is all about creating, identifying and sharing the good news with the world. In some cases it’s about spinning a bad news story into one that is good or at least manageable. While most small companies won’t have to face this challenge, being present in the media will offer new inroads for prospects to become customers.

Whether you need to create a story, are planning an event, need to raise money or need to respond to the media in a way that makes your company or organization look favorable – our team wants to help. Our experience sharing great stories with local media have helped place new companies on the map and have grown fundraising events beyond the imagination. From concept to creation and submission to integration, our team of online marketing services experts can handle challenging PR needs that go beyond a picture in the paper.

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If you’ve got a good story to share with the world or if you’re looking to get exposure for something that you consider newsworthy, let us know and we’ll put your story out there. Give us a call or submit an inquiry using the form below and we’ll setup a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and present solutions that work.

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