Proximo Report June 2015: Don’t Just Do Social, CREATE A PLAN!

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Video: The New Marketing Heavyweight Champ

Video Transcript

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Like, “how am I supposed to find time for all of this on top of my already too full-busting at the seems- want to pull my hair out-schedule?!” Be honest, with work, the kids, networking and all the errands, not to mention setting aside some “YOU TIME” **wait, what’s You Time??** it can be overwhelming for anyone!
Today I want to give you 7 words of advice that will change your world.(DRUMROLL)…YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL! **SAY What**
That’s right. In fact, being more consistent on 1 or 2 platforms can actually be more productive than taking on 5 of them, because many times our “good intentions” last for about a month before we get overwhelmed and throw in the towel on social all together.
So think about YOUR specific target audience and do some research to figure out which platforms they’re actually engaging with. Then outline a strategy BEFORE you get started **flash to strategy example** outline your objectives, figure out which days and times you are going to post, and even create an editorial calendar for 6 months out so you already know which topics you’re gonna focus on. Then BE CONSISTENT! Stick to your guns. There is a reason why so many businesses are seeing a return on Social Media, because that’s where their prospects and customers are…and so are yours!