Proximo’s Team and Their Spirit Animals

It’s not good enough to talk the talk. You’ve gotta walk the walk. 

At Proximo, we’re committed to living out the principles and strategies we prescribe for our partnered clients in our own little world. One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is how we build our team, because our team is your team, right? When you engage Proximo for your marketing needs, your company team is growing, not just by one writer or strategist, but by many designers, creative minds, artists and experts. How we build our team internally is one of the most powerful ways that we support your success. 

We invest significant time and resources to cultivate a culture of care within our team, including leadership development training, continuing education and prayerful consideration as to what creative, personal and professional strengths will elevate our overall expertise while also preserving our core values and mission.

Want to take a peek into how we love on our team? Want to see how we prioritize and leverage personality, talent, artistry and quirky creativity for your benefit? Here’s a bit of fun for you! Our team recently crafted a “spirit animal org chart.” Here is who we are…for ourselves, each other, and ultimately, for YOU!

Courtney, CEO and Master Strategist

The Butterfly

Social, influencing, optimistic, transformative, joyful, adaptable

The butterfly was a symbol of the soul in early Christianity, considered a miracle of transformation and resurrection. A strong leader who motivates others to believe in the possibility of what can be even when it’s not in sight, the butterfly brings love and light to the room, drawing on unceasing hope and deep belief that anything is possible.

MaKenna, CMO 

The Sea Turtle

Patient, enduring, growth-filled, healing, wise, beats the odds, peaceful

The sea turtle carries the team on its back, reminding us to go with the flow, settle in for the long journey, and that life is about the journey, not the destination. A turtle’s shell is strong enough to carry the weight of the continent on its back, and with it, their actual home, grounding it wherever it goes, a clear path for others to follow and ride along to success.

Olivia, Executive Administrator

The Wolf

Highly intelligent, friendly, playful, caring, devoted, passionate, ambitious, loyal, instinctive, clear-headed, strong-minded

The wolf functions well in jobs requiring vision and strength of character. No one can get the job done quite as efficiently as the wolf. Only a select few other species exhibit these traits so clearly – educate their young, take care of the injured, thrive in family groups – innate understanding of the value of teamwork.

Emily, Senior Creative Specialist

The Quokka

Friendly, lovable, unique, sensational, motivates others to action

The quokka has their mouth set in a permanent smile, with a genuinely happy nature that is both unique and contagious. Known for their delight in stealing goodies, they clearly have an exceptional sense of humor and live life to the fullest. Such happiness denotes a peacemaker who brings people together naturally by their easy-going willingness to work for the collective good.

Robbie, Multimedia Communications Specialist

The Bird

Free, hopeful, merciful, divine messengers, problem-solver, strong

Birds are living symbols of hope and strength, soaring freely with wide open wings above, in the heavens, delivering divine messages to those who need it most. “God can send these winged creatures to us with the very thing our hearts are crying for.” The bird flies alongside the team, providing just the right support, just the right idea and just the right burst of strength to soar us over the finish line with excellence. A free-spirit that reminds others that the joy of the journey is more important than the destination.

Gabie, Creative Assistant

The Eagle

Brave, determined, graceful, inspired, honor-filled, victorious

Eagles have powerful vision. They are fearless, tenacious and fly at high altitudes. Why is this last one important? As T.D. Jakes says “Eagles don’t bother flying low with chickens.” The eagle elevates the team to new heights, challenging those around it to fly higher, aiming for the excellence and freedom that aligns with confident courage and inspired victory.