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Most magazines offer the same sort of advertising solution: buy ads and hope their readers are qualified leads who are ready to buy. Use creative content to attract the lead and provide a call to action to get them to call.

While there are still a ton of magazines that do very well with this offering and businesses who still obtain returns on their investment of running ads in those magazines, there is a problem with this advertising medium: not all readers in the magazine are qualified leads and only a portion of the qualified leads are ready to buy. Moreover, it’s likely that some of the qualified leads who are ready to buy won’t even see the ad.

So what is Money Bags Magazine? Money Bags Magazine has readers who are qualified leads for your business who are also shopping for what you sell when they are reading the magazine. In fact, 100% of its readers fit this description.

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Money Bags Magazine is not a real publication, but there is an advertising solution that allows you to get your message and call to action in front of qualified leads at the precise moment that they are shopping for what you offer.  The solution is called pay-per-click advertising or search engine marketing (SEM). It allows you to place ads on search engines and other sites at the precise moment that someone is searching for or reading about your industry and what you sell.

Pay-per-click advertising is so powerful that advertisers see a 7:1 return on their investment! They key to their success is in the technology and the advertisers strategy. Here is a scenario that depicts the absolute best strategy using PPC ads:

  1. A potential customer searches Google for Italian Restaurants in Richmond, VA.
  2. When viewing the results, they see and ad that looks something like this:The Best Italian In Town
    Award Winning Veal Parmesan.
    Buy One Get One 1/2 Off. Print Coupons.
  3. The shopper likes what they see and click on the ad.
  4. The landing page on the website they are taken to when they click on the ad has a big picture of a steaming plate of veal parmesan. On top of the picture is a big headline that says “Buy One Entree, Get the Second 1/2 Off! Limited Time Offer!”
  5. Next to the picture is a button to print coupons. Perhaps there is even a box for an email address that has a button that says “Email My Coupons.”

This scenario depicts an advertiser who arranged for her ad to appear when someone typed in “Italian Restaurants.” The content of the ad that appeared had three elements: compelling text, a clear offer and a call to action.  Next, instead of taking the shopper to her homepage, the restauranteur chose to take shopper to a page that clearly depicted the offer and provided an opportunity to buy in.

With pay-per-click advertising, any advertiser harnesses the power to place messages in front of qualified buyers who are shopping for what their business offers. With a little finess, the advertiser can guide a shopper through a pre-planned experience that was designed to achieve maximum results.

Would you like to place an ad in Money Bags Magazine? You’re probably wondering how much it costs – I know I was when I first heard about it. The reality is, you can spend as little or as much as you choose to with pay-per-click advertising. You have the control to turn on and turn off your ads any time you would like and you aren’t committed to a contract that says you have to run ads for a year. The price for someone to click on the ad in any scenario depends on many things: who else is advertising in the same space, how relevant is the content on your competition’s landing page (and yours) and how much did you and the competition bid to appear when a person searches for something.I know that may sound confusing and doesn’t tell you anything about how much is cost.  The reality is, you’d need to see the market factors in place to know for sure, but it likely cost between $1.15 and $2.50.  Anytime you use PPC ads, you should test many different strategies, but always be sure that the price you are willing to pay and the offer you provide a customer leads to a positive ROI. I bet you anything Best Italian Restaurant has a few appetizers that the shopper is interested in, a nice selection of wine and perhaps a cannoli that no one can seem to turn down when they see it.

If you are interested in knowing more about pay-per-click advertising, give us a call (757-741-8098) or contact us through our website. We’ll be glad to show it to you in action and tell you about some of our client success stories; like one who saw 59% growth in revenue in one year or another who tripled new patient visits from the Internet in less than a month.

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