Digital Marketing

Boy, have things changed. You might remember the days when the growth of your business depended on the size of your ad in the phone book. Perhaps you remember when your print newspaper ads generated a ton of business. These days, it’s hard to rely on either to bring you a return on investment that is acceptable. Other things have changed too. For one, the ability to measure your advertising investment has seen vast improvements. You also likely rely more on your website as a source of new customers. If neither of these things are at the forefront of your marketing plan, it may be time for an upgrade.

At Proximo Marketing Strategies, we’ve spent years researching the best ways to get our clients in front of hot prospects and phone books and newspapers are not on the top of our list. While traditional advertising has its place in every marketing plan, digital marketing has stolen the show from what you may have done 10 years ago. Today, we focus on attracting more qualified leads to your website, generating complimentary reviews on your directory listings, getting more potential customers in your marketing funnel and converting prospects into revenue-generating customers. We use a combination of technology, strategy, data and experience to be effective at achieving your growth goals. 

Step Into the Future

It’s not easy to explain digital marketing in a couple of paragraphs, but if you feel like you might be a little behind the times, we encourage you to browse the Digital Marketing portion of our website or get in touch with us so we can schedule a free consultation. Our primary mission is to educate businesses on the new ways of growing their business. With that, we promise that no matter the outcome of our meeting, you’ll walk away with new knowledge and several ideas about how to reshape your own marketing strategy. If you like what you hear, we can discuss ways that Proximo Marketing Strategies can help you succeed.