Stand Out With Instagram

Visuals are a huge part of being successful on social media, whether it is photos or videos, your customers want to SEE what you are up to. Not read about it. While Facebook remains the number one social media platform for businesses, Instagram is rising as a visual star. Instagram allows you to share one image, multiple images, and videos, plus you can get creative with Instagram Stories. Creativity is key in order to get noticed. Here is a couple tips on how you can stand out on Instagram. 

  • Leave a positive first impression. 
    • Profile Image: keep it simple, it is a small portion of your profile. Your logo is a great option.
    • Username: you want your followers to know it’s you. Use your company name, or a simplified version if it is long.
    • Bio: describe who you are and what you offer. Include your website.
    • Contact Info: include an email, phone number, and address so people know how to reach you or find you.

  • Rock your feed.
    • Leverage natural light in photos/videos.
    • Diversify your content. Let your followers see your business, your products, and YOU! 
    • Use different formats. Like we mentioned before, Instagram allows you to share a variety of formats including photos and videos. Make it fresh.
    • Keep your filters and styles consistent. If you like bright colors, show it. If you prefer the X-Pro II filter because it darkens the background, use it. Just keep it synonymous.

  • Develop your content 
    • Don’t neglect captions. While people are focused on the photo/video, they will look to the caption for context. 
    • Utilize hashtags. People can search based on hashtags, if you want to be noticed, use a variety that relate to your business. Use 3-6 for each post. 
    • Mark your location. Instagram’s geotag feature lets your followers know where you are, whether it is at your business location or out in the community.
    • Share on other social media platforms. Instagram allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter for a universal post across your platforms.

  • Get Creative with Instagram Stories 
    • Instagram Stories are photos/videos that disappear after 24 hours. Add text, polls, locations, tags, hashtags, gifs, emojis..the list goes on. 
    • Learn how to use the Boomerang, Live, Focus, Superzoom, and Rewind features to make your content stand out. 
    • Save stories as a highlight. People will be able to see that Instagram Story every time they visit your profile. 
    • Don’t rely on sound. Although video is becoming a huge avenue for social media marketing, many people still watch with the sound off. Find ways to get your message across in case your followers prefer to watch in silence.

If you have never explored Instagram, a lot of these words may sound like a foreign language. No worries, we are here to help! If you have questions about starting your Instagram presence or building it up, contact us at 757-504-2429 for a strategy or training.