Are your marketing efforts not attracting the right audience? Do you feel like you’re spending and spending, with little to no return? Then let’s figure it out together. You and Proximo, one on one. In a full day strategy session.

This is great for you if: 

  • You’ve already invested a lot into marketing efforts for your business. New website design, SEO/Google Ads, social media efforts, email marketing – but you really feel like it isn’t working and it’s getting harder to tell if it ever will
  • You need to make sense of what you’ve done in the past and what you are currently doing to GROW the business and figure out what the NEXT steps are
  • Your business is probably not where it COULD be, where it SHOULD be, or where you WANT it to be. You are a NEXT level type of person and you’re ready for that to show in your business
  • You’re ready to make MAJOR moves to get from where you are now – to where you truly want to be


These just scratch the surface of some of the problems we solve in a Strategy Session

These sessions are designed to help you move forward with your business and provide you with a solid foundation for your marketing efforts, and ensure that any services you employ are applied with nuance and precision. (We don’t do “generic” here!)

We are talking about completely personalized and customized support, so everything is “top shelf” and nothing “off the shelf”

Here is what a strategy session will include:


  • In-depth business assessment. We start with where you are and create a strategic plan from there – designed to take the mystery out of marketing, so it’s simple, strategic and profitable. I’ll show you the most efficient way to grow and profit, because I’ve been there, done that, and sometimes that’s the person you need most. 
  • FIX IT focus. More often than not, I have clients tell me “SEO didn’t work” or “we don’t see a return on email marketing”, but they usually have no solid information or data on WHY. Typically, it’s because they didn’t start with a strategy. I’ll uncover what’s not working and why – and of course, show you how to fix it! We may focus on any of the following:
    1. Evaluating your business and assessing where you are NOW and where you want to be in the FUTURE;
    2. Getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on branding and marketing YOUR special sauce;  i.e. why hiring you should be an EASY decision for your market;
    3. Developing an IMMEDIATE plan of action;
    4. Designing and DEPLOYING actions that will make the biggest impact on your business …and / or
    5. something else entirely… specific to you, where you are and where you are DETERMINED to go.
  • Private time with me. Before we meet, you’ll fill out an assessment questionnaire to help me develop your strategy ON POINT. There really is no time to waste. The more I know about you, where you are now and what you want, the more value I can bring to your business. I have a proven track record of success, of zero-ing in on your brand and your bottom line. 
  • Specific NEXT STEPS action plan. While the strategy may include all of my recommendations for your business’s future marketing plans, I will give you a list of recommendations to get you started utilizing the best services for maximum return on investment. You will get specific and detailed action items for how to reach more of your target market and how to convert them into paying customers (and repeat paying customers).


At Proximo Marketing Strategies, we believe that the best example of what we have to offer comes from our clients. If you want more proof that the team of professionals at Proximo Marketing Strategies has what it takes to turn your frown upside down, check out some of the testimonials that our clients have given us. Don’t miss out on gaining new clients or retaining old clients because your website looks like it was made by a child. Our professional team has what it takes to build you a professional website that will attract all kinds of attention and gain your business valuable customers.

“I just want to say how impressed I am with Proximo as a team! Their responsiveness, care, and attention to detail is remarkable and I am just amazed at how seamless the whole web-redesign process was from start to finish.

As Shop Store Ship LLC continues to change, grow and update, we’ll definitely be in touch for their guidance and service.”

Quentin Brown

“When you know what you want, but can’t quite get it to paper or to the web, Proximo Marketing Strategies is the team you want behind you! Courtney and her team have the knowledge to assist you every step of the way. So whether you’re just starting out or in need of a makeover, give them a call!”

Heather Hylton Jones

“Sometimes marketing, online advertising and search engine optimization can leave business owners feeling confused and wondering who they can trust. Proximo is professional, intelligent and full of integrity. They stand by their promises and have great results. Our website was fully redesigned in under a week and it looks amazing! I’m looking forward to our continued relationship.”

Victoria Mitchell

One-on-one Strategy sessions

Proximo is latin for “next,” and we provide marketing strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready for what’s next…but aren’t willing to wait for it, so they bring us in to usher their next level vision into today’s reality. Truthfully, you could get anyone to provide marketing services, but the TRUE POWER is in the STRATEGY.

So, that’s it! If you’re ready, we’re ready!