A Marketing Agency Like No Other

Proximo Marketing Strategies is an internet marketing agency that was founded in 2012 by Courtney Buzzell. Courtney Buzzell, previously the marketing director for a successful dental practice in Williamsburg, saw an opportunity to apply what she had learned to other businesses looking for growth opportunities. Her experience in internal marketing, network marketing and cooperative marketing positioned Proximo to introduce services to our clients that most agencies do not offer.

After just two years in business, Proximo Marketing Strategies went from a small home-based consultancy to a multi-faceted marketing agency with a brick and mortar office and a staff of six dedicated marketing professionals. In addition to consulting services, we now offer creative services from graphic design to website development and assist clients with the execution of their marketing plans from start to finish and measurement to refinement. We love what we do, and we’re always looking for great talent because our clients deserve the best.


This marketing firm always welcomes new clients for projects and consulting assignments, but most important to us is educating businesses about the new ways of marketing in the 21st century. While many businesses will choose to continue to navigate the murky and turbulent waters of marketing on their own, we hope to at least be able to help companies understand and make great decisions about how to communicate with their audience. While we realize that we may not be the best fit for your organization, we think you will value the knowledge you will gain in just an hour of meeting with us. We hope you’ll take us up on the offer to enjoy that for free.


We are a team of designers, developers, creatives, social media managers, copywriters, producers, advertising specialists, marketing strategists, search engine optimizers and search engine marketers that have come together to form Proximo Marketing Strategies, an internet marketing agency based in Yorktown, Virginia. We hope you’ll reach out to us to see why we’re not your grandmother’s marketing agency.

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To produce measurable revenue for our customers, using digital and social media marketing strategies that generate leads, and empower them to increase their impact on the world.


To share the love of Christ, by educating, serving and inspiring others in all that we do, and empowering them to fulfill their God-given purpose.