The Unmistakable Link Between LinkedIn & Your Search Engine Rankings

If it’s ever dawned on you that your website showing up high in search results is important for your business, you may be familiar with the term “search engine optimization,” or SEO. Perhaps you’ve even hired someone to help you boost your search engine rankings. If you have, you’re likely a few steps ahead of your competition.

If you’re not convinced, there are a couple of studies you should know about. Last year, the results of a study by Advanced Web Rankings suggest that the top five unpaid search results receive over 65% of all clicks. Another study dating back to 2012 by indicates that 53% of people click on the first organic result on the page.

Now you’re probably wondering what LinkedIn has to do with where you show up in search engine rankings. All tech lingo aside, the race to the top of search engines is all about your company being found before people find your competitors, right?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Links pointing to your website in social media posts help boost your rankings. By pasting links to your website (see the bottom of this post) in social media posts, you show search engines that you are actively engaged in sharing valuable information with the world. The more valuable the content on the linked page, the more people share your post, and the more search engines notice you and put your webpages above your competitors pages in search results.
  • It’s not just your website that can show up high in search results. By writing a well-optimized description for your LinkedIn business profile (at least 300 words, including important keywords that describe your product/service; be sure to include your company URL in your profile) you can boost its place in search results in addition to your website. If success is all about people finding you before they find your competitor, wouldn’t you want all of your social profiles to bump your competitors to page two?
  • Posting and sharing content through your business profile helps both your website and your LinkedIn profile achieve better rankings. Like having a website full of valuable, well-optimized content, posting regularly to your LinkedIn company profile shows search engines that you care about sharing valuable information in more places than just one. If every post or article published on LinkedIn includes a link back to the original article on your website, you earn a couple of points for both web properties.

While LinkedIn isn’t the only social opportunity you can use to grow your business online and off, more and more business professionals have chosen to spend time connecting with clients and potential clients on the network. 107 Million active LinkedIn users in the United States are currently finding value there and you should be thinking about how it can help your business too.

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