Using Pokémon Go for Marketing. Lure in the Customers!

Pokémon Go is the latest fad to sweep the nation. That’s nothing new. You hear about it on the radio, the T.V. and on social media. Anyone can see the increased number of people wandering the streets staring at their phones playing the game. Pokémon Go has been great; It’s been entertaining people while also encouraging them to get out of the house. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a game for children. There are just as many adults playing this game as children, which means you can target adults as players and as parents! The question (as is with any new fad) is how can you take advantage of this phenomenon and increase traffic to your business. Luckily, there are some easy and very cheap ways to take advantage of Pokémon Go while driving traffic to your business!

Become a PokeStop

The first step to taking advantage of Pokémon Go is to become a PokeStop. PokeStops are locations where players can come to gather supplies and have an increased chance of catching Pokémon. Your business may already be a PokeStop. If not, no need to worry, all you need to do is reach out to the company that developed the game, Niantic, and request to become one. Submit your request here. They generally approve requests if you have a storefront or high traffic location. Once you get approved you can proceed!

Throw a Lure Party

The goal here is to get people to your business. Enter, lures. Pokemon-Go-set-Lure-iPhone-screenshot-02A lure is a tool in the game that allows you to attract more Pokémon to a location. However, a lure can only be used at a PokeStop, hence the importance of becoming one. All you need to throw a lure party is someone with a Pokémon Go account (which is free and easy to download) and a few spare bucks. Lures run on a timer and you can get about 4 hours’ worth for under $10.

Market Your Lure Party

Spread the word! Marketing is pointless unless people know what you’re doing. Find out if you have any uncommon Pokémon that are in your area and be sure to mention them in your marketing campaigns. Take advantage of your social media accounts to get the message out there. Use your email list to send out a blast. To get the most of your campaign, take advantage of Facebook advertising. You can target your audience to interests, age, location, and the total budget shouldn’t cost you more than $50 – $100. A very worthy investment to bring in paying customers!

Make Your Guests Want to Come

Other than Pokémon, you want to give people additional reasons to come. First, make them comfortable. Offer drinks or snacks for visitors. Give away some free swag that they can take home. PokeStops are all around town, so you need to make them want to come to yours. Bottom line, make them feel like it is a special event.

Provide Charging Stations

charging-phone-pokemon-goPokémon go can really take its toll on a phone’s battery. That’s why it’s a great idea to offer charging areas for players. The longer their phones stay charged, the longer they stay and spend money. Charging stations are rentable, or you can take the less expensive route and provide some outlets and standard chargers for your customers from your business.

In conclusion, a lure party is extremely cheap and easy to throw. If done right, you can have tons of people visiting your business and spending money while they are there. Also, once you become a Pokestop, you will always remain one. So, after your lure party, people will most likely come back to your business to capture more Pokémon. Take advantage of this rapidly growing phenomenon and turn it into increased sales!