Video: The New Marketing Heavyweight Champ

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Key Takeaways

  • 76% of marketers are expecting to invest in videos as their #1 marketing strategy
  • Ads accounted for 25% of all videos watched in 2014
  • The video style you use should depend on your target audience


Every so often in the advertising industry, there is a shift of power. A tipping point, when a new kind of advertising media takes over as the heavy hitter, generating the most reach and value for the dollars they spend.

Today, to have a fighting chance, a business must remain relevant and keep informed on the trends of the digital world. The only option in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry is to keep up with the changes and adjust your game plan as needed. It’s the only way to survive. When it comes to how you choose to advertise, you have to know who’s hitting the hardest.

And in the world of digital advertising, video is the new Heavyweight Champ.

Why Use Video?

When you get right down to it, video is just more stimulating for consumers. Let’s face it, people these days have the attention span of a pet hamster. One moment they are nodding along with your bright, informative ad, then BAM!… the new Taylor Swift song pops in their head and they’re lost in that list of Starbucks lovers. They are reading print articles less and less, and watching videos more and more. Videos are popping up in search engine results more frequently, and video-based social media sites like Vine have become increasingly popular. It was only a matter of time before the change happened. And change it has. Now a pretty picture and a good deal just aren’t enough. Now, you have to entertain.

Video can be a fun and creative way to present your product or service, using songs and humor, or guest testimonials. But it also packs a bigger punch. Videos can include much more information than traditional ads, meaning viewers will take away that much more information about your offer. Why else should you be using videos for your business?

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Key Facts:

  • YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, behind only Google. People watch hundreds of billions of hours of video on YouTube every day!
  • Facebook has been giving videos more and more room on users’ timelines
  • According to Comscore, people are 64% more likely more likely to purchase after viewing a Web video vs. other ads
  • According to Forbes, 76% of marketers are expecting to invest in video this year as their #1 marketing strategy.
  • Video ads accounted for 25% of all videos watched in 2014.
  • 92% of mobile users will share video content with someone else.



So now that you see the undeniable pros in video advertising, you may be left with the question “Well what kind of video should I use to present my product/service?” There are a few different types of video styles that you can use to get into the ring…

Video types: Explainer, Interview and Commercial

  • Explainer Videos- Videos that use visuals or a story to explain your product/service
  • Interview Videos- A more formal approach to video advertising where a person or people (usually an employee, owner, or customer) talk about the product/service
  • Commercial Videos-A traditional 15-30 second video advertisement

The most popular two formats today are Explainer and Interview videos, because their content is more interactive and engaging. Commercial videos are falling out of the game more and more as “ad block” internet apps prevent the content from even being shown online.

Choosing between these styles of video is very important. The style you use depends on your target market, how you brand yourself, and your type of business. For example, a service-type business might use the interview approach to highlight their testimonials or dedicated staff, whereas an online-based service would probably do better with an explainer video to focus more on communicating important and captivating information. If you are unsure on the best style to use, always consult a professional. As with most advertising, an quality video with engaging and key elements that is targeted correctly will get you results.

Can you identify the style of video used in the below videos produced by Proximo Marketing Strategies?

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So What Does This Mean for You?

Like most changes in the “advertising power struggle,” business owners are left with options. Should you go with the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality and sit on the sidelines? Or should you adjust your advertising game plan and roll with the punches? The reach and return from video advertising is hard to ignore. The businesses that do overlook its benefits may soon find themselves wondering why they aren’t getting the results they used to, and they’ll quickly end up on the ropes.

The choice is yours. Video is the new heavyweight champ of the digital world and I don’t see it giving up its title anytime soon. Grab a camera and earn your title, too.