WEBSITE Checklist

Considering launching a NEW website, or redesigning an OLD website, can be daunting. However, your website is an essential tool for taking your business to the next level. To better help you make this decision, we have put together two website development checklists: the first will help you evaluate your current site to determine if a redesign should be in your future, and the second will help you prepare for what is involved in a new website.

Existing Website Checklist

Is your website user-friendly? Check the overall website experience through the eyes of the user. Can you easily navigate from page to page? Are there clear Calls To Action on EACH page? Is your website fast?

Is your website mobile-friendly? Today, more people visit websites from a mobile phone than a desktop computer or laptop. Is your navigation simple? Is the text easy to read? Do images show up in alignment? Is the content the same on both mobile and desktop? Also, check browser compatibility, does it work across Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer?

Do you have fresh content? The lifespan for the design of a website is about three years, but the content should be EVER CHANGING. Do you have old events listed? Do you have new photos or videos? Are all of your current products or services listed? Do you have “404 Not Found” pages?

Does your website bring in leads? In other words, are consumers visiting your website and taking action? Are they visiting it more than once? Do they abandon your website after one page or do they look through four or five? Are you advertising your site on social media, email and other forms of marketing? Are they filling out forms or booking consults?

Does your website bring in conversions? In other words, are your leads (people who have taken an action on the site) turning into customers? Are they buying products or services? Are they referring to friends?

Use this Website Assessment to rank your website based on this checklist.



New Website Checklist



A LOT more goes into a new website than just content and images. Below is a checklist for items you will need when developing and designing a website.



Site Map, for information on what pages will exist
Content, for the consumer to read more about your business and your industry
Photos, for visual appeal and personalization
Videos, to tell your business’ story
Email Marketing Integration, to build an email list for future email marketing
Blogs, to give the consumer updated information on your industry and your expertise
Google Analytics, for data on who visits your site, when and what they do
Digital Forms, to collect your consumer’s information
SEO Plug-in, to help your website rank on Google and Bing
Security Software, to protect your website from hackers
SSL Certificate, to tell consumers that your website is a safe place to visit
Hosting, a server that makes your website accessible over the internet
Domain Registrar, the place that holds your URL so that it is specific to your business




If you are still unsure of your next steps when it comes to your website, contact us for website development assistance.


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Lindie Yardley

“A colleague recommended Proximo Marketing Strategies to us because of the great marketing success they were having within their industry. Couldn’t be happier! Love, love… LOVE our new website! Looking forward to growing our success with their team at the marketing helm!”

Marye Jo Hartley


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