WEBSITE package

 At Proximo Marketing Strategies, we know that website creation can be a BIG commitment. That is why WE take on ALL of the heavy lifting. Our website creation packages are fully built to deliver you the best result, without you having to take on a bunch of extra work.

Full Content Writing

Most REAL websites have AT LEAST eight to ten pages to start out with, and based on ‘SEO Best Practices’, each of these pages should have 300 words of content, with at least three “target pages” having 900 words of content.

Can you imagine trying to write all of that content while also maintaining your day-to-day operations? It’s HARD.

We include full content writing for all websites that we build, so there is no delay and no extra work on your part. Our team is skilled in industry research, keyword usage, and creative writing so your content remains professional and accurate.

Professional Photography

A major component in helping your website to be indexed by Google is text to image ratio, that is, there should be a balance in how much text you have, compared to how many images you have. While stock images are always an option, in order to really build trust with consumers, create proper branding and keep your website PERSONALIZED AND UNIQUE TO YOU, professional photography is essential.

With professional photographers on staff, Proximo is able to include photography in our website packages. Our team will schedule time a time to visit your business for a series of photographs, including: 

  • Group Shots
  • Head Shots
  • Equipment Photography

Now, you don’t have to worry about tracking down photos that could be years old. As a bonus, you can use these photographs for a variety of other marketing efforts, including social media, email marketing, business cards, brochures, etc. 

Professional Videography

As videos become more popular in the world of visual content, many business owners are taking advantage of the opportunity to tell their STORY. This adds a unique feature to your website because it allows you to tell your audience who YOU are, WHAT your business does and WHY they should trust you.

Our website creation packages that include professional videography provide you with HIGH QUALITY video work, and the best part? WE come to YOU!

While videography can encompass any part of your business that you wish, here is a list of our most POPULAR videos: 

  • About Us/Mission Statement
  • Testimonial
  • Meet the Owners/Team
  • Quick Tips
  • Animated Videos

Check out an example of our video work below.


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“Proximo does a great job with helping local businesses get more from their internet marketing, SEO and social media marketing. Their websites look great and really help drive phone calls for businesses. I recommend Proximo to my clients looking for new websites.”

Chris Fawcett

“I just want to say how impressed I am with Proximo as a team! Their responsiveness, care, and attention to detail is remarkable and I am just amazed at how seamless the whole web-redesign process was from start to finish.
As Shop Store Ship LLC continues to change, grow and update, we’ll definitely be in touch for their guidance and service.”

Quentin Brown

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