Helpful Tips on Working With a Team

At some point in your professional life, whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or an independent contractor, you’ve probably been faced with asking the question, “who should I work with?” Not only can it be difficult to decide who to work with, but it can also be difficult to understand how to market yourself as someone others WANT to work with. No matter which side of the line you stand on, the process is admittedly difficult. Let’s take a look at what is involved in attracting and retaining great talent for your business.

Deciding Who to Work With

When deciding who to work with you’ll likely ask yourself: What are the most important qualities or needs that you’d like to see in this person/business? What matters to you and will ultimately help you decide yes or no

You may realize that it’s not necessarily difficult to identify what impacts your desire to work with someone. You likely have an idea or set of expectations that you’d like met in order to say yes to working with them. Remember that when you’re deciding who to hire or collaborate with you should make sure that your mission, values, and goals align so that there’s no confusion or disagreements later. 

Why You?

The other side of this conversation is getting people and businesses to want to work with YOU. This can be a tricky task to achieve. How can you effectively communicate to others the things that set you apart from the pack? Competition can be fierce and people will compare you to others when they’re deciding who they’d work best with.

So, how can you convince others that they NEED YOU?

The answer? By differentiating yourself in a positive light. To be more specific, here are three overarching ways to answer the question: why you?

You bring new ideas to the table

Essentially, you’re creative and willing to share that when working with a team. Your refreshing take on things sets you apart, and anybody in need of unique ideas NEEDS you. 

You love a challenge

You’re the type of person that runs head first INTO challenges rather than away from them. New challenges are always emerging and bold people with even bolder ideas are needed to transform these challenges into captured opportunities. 

You share a common goal

It’s important that as a person or a business you have well-defined goals and values. This makes it easier for other people to identify if they want to work with you. When you share a common goal or belief it eliminates any ambiguity and makes working together a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

The reality is that professional life can be complex and deciding who to work with as well as showcasing why people should work with you can be difficult. But Proximo is here to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Our team is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourselves and we truly want to help you step into your God-given purpose. Proximo is more than just a marketing firm, we’re a group of people dedicated to each other and dedicated to helping you achieve all your goals and dreams. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.